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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

IT consulting services are advisory services that help clients assess different technology strategies and, in doing so, align their technology strategies with their business or process strategies. These services support customers’ IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning. Strategic planning includes advisory services that help clients assess their IT needs and formulate system implementation plans. Architecture planning includes advisory services that combine strategic plans and knowledge of emerging technologies to create the logical design of the system and the supporting infrastructure to meet customer requirements.

Operational assessment/benchmarking includes services that assess the operating efficiency and capacity of a client’s IT environment.Implementation planning includes services aimed at advising customers on the rollout and testing of new solution deployments.

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Crisis Management, IT Strategy, Digital Transformation, and System Integration.

Crisis Management

With more than three decades in IT business, we know how important it is for businesses to maintain operability in hard times caused by a natural disaster, a technological crisis, and more. So, PC Panda offers you crisis management consulting services that can make a difference in a critical moment.
We can help you quickly assess the critical situation, tune the internal company processes to new conditions, establish a safe and robust digital environment for remote working, or perform a security assessment of your dedicated digital environment. We can also establishthorough monitoring of the remote work productivity of your employees and enable regular analytics and reporting on employee performance.

IT Strategy

We know that devising and implementing a concise IT strategy aligned with business goals is a daunting task. And we are happy to share our experience to support you in technology road mapping and exploring the most efficient ways to use available resources and technology trends.

Digital Transformation

With the right choice of business-supporting technologies, we help enterprises go beyond automating traditional methods and processes and explore new ways to boost business and even transform business models. We operate in various domains including healthcare, retail, banking, telecoms, manufacturing, and more, and carefully gather experience in delivering reliable IT solutions with the focus on industry specifics. We are ready to join your IT journey regardless of your digital maturity level and help choose the most profitable technology innovations to leverage your business and improve the experience of your employees and customers.

System Integration

The modern business environment generates the need to use different IT solutions for different purposes to ensure the effective work of an enterprise. In this respect, system integration is a vital point to consider, whether you are planning to add new functionality to the IT solutions already in use or implement new software.
It’s essential that your employees need to collaborate to work effectively - the same is expected from the IT solutions you are using. With an integrated system made of synchronized components, you get an opportunity to increase business efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Our consultants are ready to help you find a quick and less painful way to system integration, identify milestones, and mitigate risks.
We don’t stop at fixing current state of affairs, we look into the future and stand for the integration leaving space for flexibility (in case you need to introduce IT-related changes as your business grows).